GGRC February Update

Greetings Giants!

The sun is setting later and later each day and we'll be on the water sooner than you think!  Have you been doing anything to stay in shape?  Now is a great time to get started if you haven't been doing anything.  The better shape you're in at the start of the season, the more competitive we'll be!  

Here's an update on what's going on with GGRC - 

- CRASH-B's - It looks like this year we'll have one of our largest contingents competing at the CRASH-B's!  If you're not doing anything next Sunday - Feb 16th - please head down to BU's Agganis Arena and cheer on your teammates from GGRC who took on the challenge of training and competing in this event.  I think every rower should compete in this at least once.  Who's competing?  Mary White, Hillary Abbey, Lucas Rogers, Meg Sheehan, Laura Pedone, and we have a few possibles who are considering signing up now to race in the "Bull Pen" (For late registrations) - Andrea Dierna, Heather Oblon, and Kelley Whitmore!  If I missed anyone, please let me know!!!  Good Luck to everyone competing!!!  

- Dock Day - I've scheduled our FIRST Dock Day to open the boathouses for 2014.  On Saturday, March 1st at 9am, we'll be moving boats and getting everything ready for the start of our season.  We don't start until later that month, but our youth rowers start much earlier!  The more hands we have, the faster it'll go.  We'll be moving hulls from Malden to Somerville as well as putting in the new and improved Goose Defense System.  (The UN stepped in and has prevented us from using weapons of mass destruction against them.)  I've scheduled a rain date of March 2nd.  Please click this link to let me know what time works best for you on March 2nd - we will only hold it on the 2nd if we are rained out on the 1st.

- REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!!  Please head over to Regatta Central to register for the 2014 Season!  It's the same system as last year.  Click on "Clubs" and find GGRC!

- Everett High School - This Spring GGRC introduces another High School to Rowing.  The Everett High School Crimson Tide will be joining Somerville High School rowing out of Blessing of the Bay this Spring!  We're very excited about this.  As someone who grew up in Everett, I'm VERY excited to see my home town hitting the Mystic!!!

- The Dock - Yes, there is news here.  We're actually putting together an email on this now and we will be sending it out this week.  Keep an eye out for it!  We've been working as many angles as possible to get the new dock at Blessing of the Bay!

- GGRC 2013 Survey - THANK YOU to everyone that responded to the survey.  We will be coming up with a response on all the great feedback we received!

- Concept2 Valentines Challenge - This week, Concept2 has a challenge that starts today. Erg 14k meters from today until Friday and you'll be able to print out a Valentine for someone special!

- Erg Rental Returns - If you rented an erg, I'll be in touch with the dates for returning them.  I hope you found them to be a valuable tool for winter training!

- New Equipment - We do have new Equipment that is scheduled to come in 2014!  We have a new 4+ as well as a new trailer scheduled to be delivered this Spring!  The new 4 was purchased thanks to several folks who stepped up to be Boat Builders.  If you wish to receive more information on what the commitment is to be a Boat Builder, please let me know!

- Rack Space for Singles at GGRC - For the first time, GGRC has rack space available for singles.  Of the 4 open slots we have available, 2 are taken and 1 is tentatively taken.  We have space for 1 more single.  The basics on this are simple.  If you store a single with us, you will have access to it on your schedule.  The cost is $350 for the season.  I'm putting this out to the GGRC Membership to see if anyone has a single that they'd like to keep with us.  Please do not forward this outside of the GGRC Community yet.

That's all for now.  More to come soon!

Go Giants!