Winter Training



Yup...this is L O N G overdue!  With each day, the 2014 season gets closer and even though we had a good year, training now is what will make next season that much better.  Everything you do now will help.  Work that core!  Work on greater flexibility!   You can do it!


What are we doing?  As you know, we've rented our ergs for the winter - we still have a couple remaining if you're interested in erging in the comfort of your own home.  Greer and Matt are willing to give you workout plans so you can train and also coach you on technique.  Some of our rowers who row in the morning have already signed up to be coached by Greer over the winter.  Matt Walker is planning on something similar for the season.  They are charging for their services - $40 for the winter - and if you're interested, that would be paid directly to them and not to GGRC.  If you're interested in the winter coaching, contact them directly - Greer - or Matt -


Goals for winter training - 


There are erg races that you can take part in that you can shoot for.  The CRASH-B's on February 17th is one.  Matt just posted them on Facebook.  If you don't have Facebook or haven't seen them yet, here's what they are...

-Cranberry Crunch: January 26th West Barnstable MA.

-IcebERG Classic 4-person relay: February 9th Hingham MA.

-Crash B's: February 16th Boston MA.


What else can I do besides erg?


There are a lot of things you can do besides erg!

- The stairs at Harvard Stadium.  It's's not easy, but it's a great workout.  Start out doing half and then add a few sections each time you do it until you've done the entire stadium.  I'm likely going to start doing this on Saturday mornings beginning next week - Dec 21st.  

- Plyometrics on


Sunday Mornings with Victoria Farr.  She does them at the MIT track every Sunday morning at 9am.  This is another great workout that Victoria has designed to target explosion with your leg drive at the catch. 

She will post on the club Facebook page on the weeks she is doing this.

- Running - there are a lot of running clubs around that do organized group runs.  The Somerville Road Runners hold a weekly run on Thursday evenings that starts at Casey's.  It's about 4ish miles and you don't have to be a SRR member to take part.  Very casual and is a good run.  They do it every week.

- Core work - Get up 10 minutes early and do crunches or sculler sit ups.  Then each week do a little more - add more crunches/scullers and add in timed planks.  A strong core will help you to sit up tall while rowing and help keep solid technique when you're tired.

- Yoga - There are a lot of studios that do yoga.  I'll be taking the classes for "Broga" starting in January.


Any questions, please feel free to let me know!


Go Giants!