Who is Learn to Row for?  

People who have not rowed previously or have had only a day or two of an orientation program in rowing.


What does a Learn to Row session involve?

We start out on land using rowing machines to learn the basics of the rowing stroke. From there our program moves to our training barge which provides a stable platform for leaning the basics of rowing on the water! The dedicated Learn to Row coach will instruct you on proper boat and equipment handling and safety information and instruction prior to actually getting in a rowing shell. Finally one of GGRC’s fleet of sweep boats will be used for practice and you will gather experience rowing as part of a crew.


When are practices held?  

Each session is 3 practices a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for 4 weeks.

AM Session is Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30am – 7:00am plus Saturday morning at 7am

PM Session is Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30pm – 8:00pm plus Saturday morning at 7:30am


Where are practices held?

All Gentle Giant Rowing Club practices are held at Blessing of the Bay, 32 Shore Rd, Somerville, MA. There is ample off street parking at Blessing of the  Bay.


How to sign up for Learn to Row? 

There are TWO options…


3 Hour Learn to Row Class

This class will take place on Saturday Mornings from 8am - 11am

You’ll start off on land on our rowing machines and then into our barge for a row out on the Mighty Mystic River. The coach will teach you the basics of the stroke and guide you through this quick overview of rowing.

If you’re not sure if rowing is right for you, this is a GREAT way to find out! The cost is $40 for the 3 hour class. Dates are:





This is a NEW program for 2019!


4 Week Learn to Row Class

Week 1: On your first day, you’ll start out on our rowing machines to learn the basics of the stroke and then you’ll head into the barge to take some strokes on the water. The coach will focus on basic technique of the stroke.

Week 2: You’ll continue to “fine tune” the basics of the stroke and, depending on the group, transition from the barge to a rowing shell.

Week 3: You’re in a rowing shell and the coach will work on your technique and get you rowing by 4’s and 6’s.

Week 4: You’ve learn the basics…now it’s time to row by 6’s and all 8!

Start date for these classes: 5/7, 6/4, 7/9, 8/6

Cost is $170 for the 4 week class

Go to gentlegiantrowing.org/sign-up and register for our Learn to Row program. The program costs $170 per 4 week session. 

*Saturday class times are able to be adjusted if the group would prefer an earlier or later time!