want to Scull?

The rowing you may think of has one rower pulling on one oar.  That's called "Sweep" rowing.  "Sculling" is when a rower has 2 oars.  Each Saturday, we have a class of Scullers that heads out the Mystic River.

This program is designed for those who already know how to row - you would need to complete at least a Learn-to-Row session before signing up for this program.  What hull would you row in?  GGRC has 4 doubles in our fleet and one coxed quad.  (4 Rowers and a coxswain)  We also have 2 pairs of pontoons to help you gain confidence while learning to scull.  They're pictured to the left.

But what if you already know how to scull?

You are able to join up as well.  Each session has 8 seats and the coach will help you to fine tune your strokes!  

The first "Sculling Saturday" Session starts on May 5th and each Saturday after that through the end of the end of September, we'll head out on the Mystic!  (Sessions may switch to Sunday due to club racing commitments.)  Class times are 7:00am - 9:00am.

We've also switched the registration format from registering for a month to registering for an individual session.  The feedback from rowers was they loved sculling on Saturday mornings but were not able to commit for a full month.  We listened and now you may register for each Saturday - $30 per session!