Pineapple Regatta - General Information

Each Summer, GGRC hosts the "Pineapple Regatta".  It's our signature, casual regatta where we invite some clubs to take some strokes on our river.  There's a focus on introducing novice rowers to racing.

  • Leave your equipment at home!  You row ours!
  • Small fee includes all the racing your body can take, a BBQ lunch, and the limited edition GGRC Pineapple Regatta T-Shirt!
  • Course is about 500m - short and sweet...much like a Pineapple!
  • Generally, racing is 4's and 8's, however, we have incorporated other hulls into the schedule.

Why Pineapples?

This event was formally known as the "GGRC Community Challenge" where we recruited teams to learn to row over the 4 weeks prior to to the race.  This day was a day to bring them together and have them row against each other.

Our experienced crews loved the concept but said, "hey...what about us?"  

So the event evolved into the "Pineapple Regatta".  But still...why Pineapples?

As you know, the pineapple is the symbol of hospitality.  And through this event, we are welcoming other rowers into our boathouse.  So rather than medals, we give out...Pineapples!

  • First Place - Fresh Pineapple!
  • Second Place - Dried Pineapple!
  • Third Place - Canned Pineapple!
2016 Mixed 8 Winners - MITRC

2016 Mixed 8 Winners - MITRC

Who has competed?

We love inviting different clubs to the river.  Clubs that have competed over the various years of the event.

  • Greater Lawrence Rowing
  • CRI - General Sweeps
  • BU Adult Rowing
  • Neponset Rowing Club
  • East Bay Rowing
  • Malden High School Crew

How to get involved?

Is your club interested in taking part in the race?  Are you interested in learning to row and taking part in the novice racing?

The race generally takes place the first Saturday in August.  For details on how to race, contact us at membership@gentlegiantrowing.org