Dock Day is SATURDAY

Giants - 


Even though Winter is holding on for dear life, we're starting to see some warmer temps that will have the river melting soon and allow us to start our 2014 Season!  This will likely be your last old fashioned text email from me.  The next one will be an html email.  I we're getting fancy!


We WILL have our Dock Day this Saturday.  The weather may be cold now, but Saturday will be close to 50 so it should be a great day to open up the house and get things organized.  We will meet in MALDEN at 9am to move boats out of the tent and onto the trailer.  We will not be moving the trailer to Somerville yet - the main reason being the snow.  The other reason is the trailer there is now the former GGRC trailer.  Our new trailer will be delivered April 3rd.  (Side loader = no more threading boats!!!!)  Once the boats are loaded we will then head over to Somerville to get things ready for the start of the season!  We will be done by noon - and if anyone wants to have lunch at Casey's, I'm in!


What to bring....


- Clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

- Boots...because of the snow, bringing boots will likely be a good idea.

- A shovel - Did I mention there's snow?  We wont' likely have much to shovel but it'll help to clear some snow.

- 5 gallon buckets - if you have them, we'll take them!

- Milk Crates - If you have any plastic milk crates in your home that you can do without, please bring them.  We'll use them as cubbies.  

- Gloves - Work gloves are always good to have with you.  

- Kitty Litter Jugs - if you buy kitty litter in the large jugs, we'll take them!  (*With the Lid)  We'll use them as buoys during the year.


And thank you to EVERYONE who sent the emails out to the reps yesterday.  It will help us get the new dock!


See you at 9am on Saturday in Malden - 356 Commercial St, behind the Malden DPW.


Go Giants!