Daylight Savings

'Twas the night before daylight savings, when all through the boathouse, not a rower was stirring, not even a cox. The shells were placed on the racks with care, in hopes the next rowing season soon would be here.

The rowers were rolling out the ergs
while visions of 2k PRs danced in their heads
And the boatman in the repair bay and I with my stop watch
had just settled down for a long winter of race plans

When out in the erg room came such a clatter
I sprung from my office to see what was the matter
Away to the erg room, I flew like a flash
to see the rowers and coaches in a clash

They stopped erging with one 2k to go
The river wasn't frozen, they wanted to row
I opened the bay door & what did I see?
No ice on the water, and it was flat as can be!

I barked at the rowers to get hands on the eight
We had to get on the water before it was too late
More rapid than eagles the rowers they came
The cox plugged in her cox box and called them by name!

Now 4 seat, now 3 seat, now bow pair, & 7 seat
On Stroke, On Engine Room, Together, push with your feet
Roll up as one, Catches should be quicker
Set the boat! Increase the run! You better not whimper!


Collaboration by Bill Fleming, Frank Soldo and Rich Whelan