The club could use the following items. If you have any items on this list, please let the program director know.

  • Yoga/Exercise Mats - To be used by crews for stretching and Yoga.

  • Foam Rollers - To be used by crews for stretching.

  • Gas Gift Cards - To be used to buy gas for our launches.

  • Cleaning Supplies - Baking Soda (to wash boats), Wide Brooms (to sweep dock)

  • Clorox Wipes - To wipe down rowing machines and erg handles after use.

  • Large Empty Kitty Litter/Laundry Detergent Bottles - with lids!  (For use as buoys)  Bright colors - yellow, white, orange, red.

  • D Batteries for Ergs & Coach's Launch Lights

  • AA Batteries for Bow Launch Lights

  • Plastic Milk Crates - For storage and to strap together for stairs.