UPDATE - January 2, 2019 by Rich Whelan

Giants - 

Happy 2019!  We're looking forward to an exciting year of growth and quality strokes on the Mighty Mystic River!  Here's your first update of things to think about and what we have planned...

  • THANK YOU! - Thank you to each of you who donated for #GivingTuesday or for our end of year push.  Your generosity allows us to do more programming!

  • New Launch - Yup!  We'll have another Stillwater Duo at the start of the season.  That will bring our fleet of Stillwaters to 4 launches.  The 4th is being acquired via a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield.  We can't wait to give them a river tour in the launch!  We may need to start naming them!  Suggestions?

  • Other Grants - We've been typing up grants to purchase some other equipment including a dock to replace our wood dock.  These grants are currently in the review phase and we won't know for a while if we will receive them.  But if you hear of grants that could apply to us, please let us know! 

  • Deck Calendars - As you likely noticed, we didn't do a wall calendar this year.  That's because we thought of something different.  A smaller desk calendar that we will include items like race dates and deadlines so you'll know when you need to do things.  We don't have them yet because all the dates we need to put on it are not available.  We do anticipate this to be ready for the start of our season.  They will be available for purchase for $10.  I'll have an update on this in late Feb.

  • Northeast Erg Challenge - This will take place on Jan 26th.  Put your Winter Training workouts to the test!  It's a fun event that GGRC has competed at the past couple of years.  We've won some medals there and look forward to winning more!  For all the erg races, you must register  yourself.  For this race...follow this link: http://www.northeastergsprints.org/ 

  • GGRC Erg Challenge - Our erg race is coming up as well!  We're confirming dates for space but it will be at the end of March.  Great way to see how your Winter Training went!  Details will go out as soon as we have them!

  • CRASH-B's - This year, the World Indoor Rowing Championships will take place on February 17th at BU.  There is a location change - it will take place in the Track and Field Center (which is located near Walter Brown Arena).  Sign up and pull hard for GGRC!  https://www.crash-b.org/  Every rower should do this race at least once.  

  • Winter Training - It may be January, but there's still time to sign up and take part in Winter Training!  The Morning Session is divided into 2 groups - 5:30am-6:30am and 6:30am-7:30am - Mon, Wed, Fri.  The Evening Session runs from 6:30pm - 7:30pm - Mon, Wed, Thurs.  Sign up here: http://www.gentlegiantrowing.org/sign-up/

  • Mystic River Watershed Benefit @ Flatbread - Our friends at Mystic River Watershed will be having a benefit night on Tuesday, January 22nd.  Same format as the one we held...so, who's up for a GGRC January event on Jan 22nd for some pizza?

  • Who is on the GGRC Board of Directors? - We get this question from time to time...here's the link to the list.  If you think you know someone who would be interested in helping the board, let us know.  We are an "Administrative Board" in that we each do various jobs to keep the club going - organize races, marketing, grant writing, etc.  Here's the link to our current Board...  http://www.gentlegiantrowing.org/board-of-directors/  Do you want to do more to help GGRC but don't want the commitment of being on the Board?  Let us know...there are various tasks that we're always looking for help with.

  • Boathouse re-org - I've been spending time in the garage re-organizing things.  We needed to create space for another oar rack and with the scaffolding removed, new shelves will go up which will allow us to be compliant with the 3 feet of travel space needed between the stairs and the shelves.  This means in 2019, some items will have new homes.  I plan on labeling everything so we all know where everything goes.

Any questions on anything, please let me know.  We're looking forward to a fun 2019 and we're happy your a part of our family!

Go Giants!