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Practice Update - April 19, 2019

The Introduction to Rowing Class scheduled for Saturday, April 20th has been cancelled due to weather - high winds and rain.


Giants -

Because not everyone uses Facebook or other Social Media platforms and sometimes, for various reasons, emails do not make it through to servers right away, we will post here any changes to practices - times, locations, or canceled sessions.

For Winter Training, as a GENERAL RULE, if the City of Somerville cancels school, we will cancel practices. If they preemptively cancel school due to predicted weather, we may not have practice that day. It is possible, the AM session would still have practice due to the predicted weather not impacting the area until much later in the day. Also, if there is a storm that wraps up the evening prior to practice, it is possible that the AM session will be canceled due to plowing/shoveling at St. Ann’s. The PM session would likely hold practice though as the plowing/shoveling would be completed by the time they arrive.

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